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I love the magic of art and life, when synchronicities mirror matter and intention. Some time ago I was contacted by a woman that is a spiritually gifted healer, diviner, and shaman. She also creates events and ceremonies with reverence and devotion for and with the Earth’s natural wisdom. She had found my photos and art online.  “I can tell you are very in tuned with the nature spirits! Your life looks magical and I really like true magical people who resonate with nature.” We chatted for a bit and she said she would like me to make something for her. “I would love to have you make me a Gaia stone. One to place outside and to pour and gift offerings on.” When I asked about what she does, she said “glad to hear of your interest, I come with big magic and I LOVE to create for others, its truly a blessing.”

I had a piece of hard marble that I thought of right away. I had an idea, a feeling, a vision of a balanced wheel, four directions and a center, a core.

eS2 eS1

the beginning

the beginning

Some moons later…I sent her these images,

IMG_4387 IMG_4386

and a poem to go with it!

earthStar flower~ing

I am core   substance
grey, color of all matter
and white, the void
with lines of darkness, sky
like nature, asymmetrical a
perfect balance..I am petals
and leaves, I am turtle
and tongue
I can spin
and become nothing
I am here
earthstar flower for Jen


Jen had just completed a Shaman workshop in Canada when she got the pictures of her piece. It worked out, so magically ~”Oh my, EarthStar, is what I claimed in Canada, during ceremony, wow! Magnificently inspired in intuition, it’s a beauty, the whole story, touches my magical self.”

Here, on its base–it will receive the offerings and dressing of the season or event.
IMG_4416 IMG_4414
Jen has yet to bring her earthStar home, however it received a special blessing from me, an honorary dressing, in the currency of mother nature and earth herself.


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