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heart, my Heart, this stone, this Stone heart is a poem written~


dear friends, April is national poetry month! –and yes I write poetry! before the sculptures, before the collages, before the life felt very lived, I was writing poems…and because I share myself with so many other mediums, the poetry gets overlooked sometimes. without poetry however my soul would be dry, and I would have nothing to share. this spring i have had more opportunity to reflect more on the great dying than new life yet such as the spring brings. so while it has been a warm winter and early spring, this spring feels late to arrive in my life, in my heart. a perfect time for poetry!

in honor of spring, 2015  with lunar eclipse!




heart, my Heart, this stone, this Stone heart is a poem written~

all springs springing
hard plastic pen finally broke

excited to get the spring out
fascinated by it–for a second–
flash it sprang so fast and so far
pen springs are really springy

for some time there was no one to turn to
every reflection appeared blank
eye wallow shortly confusioned
while the rods reorganized a soft mortis
and light became reimagined
at least there will be flowers soon

taking only one reach across the sky, Star

lived many millions of years for one Supernova moment

coiled light jumper + impact detonation…sSpring eclipsed spring

–istara freedom April 9, 2015





some stories never told     her voice as soft as rain    the smells of things                                   smell of blood and ink    human pain of choice    tattooed hues                                                       constant telling story     to the witness in my head     wear the face                                               current fixation    human or otherwise   rarely told details begging                                                     to be said aloud    right now the face    the witness is you                                             thunder/desire   light of surprise    I have made the effort                                                                    to be wise    now I make    a fort of eyes

istara freedom, 2011




ms Align ment

locked inside a star room
in a Gods body
wrapped in the petals
of Her heart
listening to his breath
If I have a skin
it is stinging
with the brightness
of the light

a winged sea
collects the dew
frothed full moon
waxes through the night
still pearl in infinite array
our take is for the birds
and i am free

bigger walls have fallen
i will move you with a look
that is like the sun
on the lake at noon
what is found true
and has not been shaded
with the scandalism of matter

istara freedom 1-19-2010


the rainbow and beyond–why transgender persons are important to human evolution


in honor of transgender visibility day, i want to share a few thoughts about the expansion of transgendered people and their visibility in our communities. personally, I celebrate transgendered people! i see them as a gift to assist in balancing our very polarized societies and enriching our communities with a switched perspective in gendered expression. don’t worry, if you are feeling confused i am going to bring it home here. many times we have heard silly colloquialisms regarding gender such as  ‘men are from mars, women are from venus’ or, ‘the battle of the sexes’…and the frequent references to painful relationship situations due to misunderstandings between masculinity and femininity. people shrug and give up– “well, guess that’s a man thing”, or ‘women! so complicated’. and the painful experience prevents them from experiencing love and acceptance. and if that happens we become stunted. to have women among us that have known from the inside out what it is like to have a mans biology and a mans social expectations and conditioning, and vice versa, is to have a rare opportunity to heal the divisions and misunderstandings between the genders—on many levels, both physical and subtle.

why now more than ever are there trans people coming out of all walks of life and class/age groups and claiming their right to choose or change their biological gender to one that more accurately represents them? there are more children being born that are informing their parents of a true gender they feel beyond the biological gender they came in with. I’ve heard wonderful stories of parents allowing their children to express themselves as their claimed gender and fighting for their rights to attend school and church etc, –also of abuse and repression that have led to trauma and loss. it is often life or death for many trans people to be themselves. our communities are crying out for healing in relationship, and the birthing of transgender people is an answer to that crying. it is a wonderful healing opportunity to have a whole, healed person that feels their appropriate gender grace our communities.

i have loved ones, friends and friends of friends that are transgender. I have been by the side of a person I love while they made the only choice to transition to honor their true identity even while I had celebrated their fine example of being the other gender, the one they were not, and  though I had an initial sense of shock I embraced the opportunity to grow as a well rounded community member. i truly advocate for the support of well being in transitioning and pray that others will learn to celebrate the differences and opportunities we have for learning more levels of acceptance and understanding. people are people and it is be painful to be misunderstood and judged just for expressing ones true nature, as our birthright is to express our true nature.


there are many ways of gender blending in the spectrum, however– if one says they are a different gender than they were born with, then they have come to an edge of self awareness that defies biology. that is evolution, and that is not a frivolous choice, as no one would choose to make the most complete change that a person could make and suffer the potential abuses and misunderstandings that may come with such a change. in many ways we are desperate for evolution as a species! truly there are more people wanting friends and partners that are caring and true and committed and deep, than can fulfill an extreme version of gender, one that has been rendered for so long we are physically evolving out of it. societally, there is too much attachment to the definitions of masculine vs. feminine, and women, men and children–people–are hurting because of it. transgendered persons are part of the rainbow tribes, and are guides into new and more hospitable territories, where aspects of peoples divine masculine and divine feminine are embraced individually to bring us to being more complete and expressed, satisfied selves. and that is why I celebrate transgendered persons, the rainbow and beyond!