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dear day, dear Valentines…

dear blogging world…I promise to take our relationship more seriously and become more committed to our evolving process…now what are you going to do for me? Ha!! –okay just kidding, here is a quick update as I have been negligent here for some time…I have been getting out more and enlarging my community again! I went to a fantastic party for Valentine’s day, danced, and shared my large heart collage which was absolutely perfect for the event, as it was a fundraiser for my friends ‘hippocampus’ burning man bus, and it being Valentines day, my heart –which also has seahorses entwined as a central feature, (maybe this is obvious; hippocampus bus people love seahorses!) and it was sold to a happy hippo-camper! good bless, heart! at least I will get to visit you so long as we are both in Seattle.

who feels it knows it

who feels it knows it

I took part in a fashion show here in Seattle at the legendary local club, the Re-bar, where I modeled the designer Kiymbah’s incredible costume she created for me, and danced in it to my song ‘alien’, to great response! the evening was awesome, with great art, beautiful and fantastical costumes and a visit from a friend i’d not seen since my previous Seattle incarnation, more than 15 yrs ago…what a treat!

alien angel rebar

I had a small area to display my art and get my email list signed and cards out, once the performance was over, I mingled and met some great people and sold another piece of art, my last music box of the original 10, which happened to be number one! now I am excited to get to make some more, and as I have a new opportunity, with a possible show coming up in about a week, so, stay tuned! thanks for taking the time to read and for the appreciation!


PS…here is a link to my video where I first performed in costume, in case you missed it before 😉