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universal upgrade, part 2

wow, this has been a beautiful passage in my life and i had lost track of some time since the last upgrade. in the beginning of the year, i had the pleasure of being called to have my art represented in a newly opened gallery in Santa Barbara, the Jadenow gallery. interesting timing as i had put down the idea of making more sculpture and visual art for a time while coming to terms with what is necessary to make my music happen, to try out new muscles that usually lie dormant while sculpting, my mouth being covered by a mask. what great honor however to be asked to be a part of the opening and how much work there actually was to get everything ready to take down to the gallery. i had to re-sand and polish a couple of different stone sculptures to bring them up to gallery level, and to finish bases on a couple of others.

Jadenow Gallery

Jadenow Gallery

IMG_3456   IMG_3546

there was much excitement and a video documentary was made of the last eight hours before the grand opening, with everything coming together at the last minute. it felt like a miracle that there was a grand opening, and even with the genie lift still being on the floor and a few boxes and chaos going on, we all managed to make it happen.

IMG_3500 IMG_3501 IMG_3504

i had some space to call my own by the end of the day.

IMG_3638 IMG_3633



i had fun. afterwards we packed up a few things i had brought down, and i said goodbye to new friends and to my art! now some months have gone by, and last week i received a call from the gallery to tell me that two of my sculptures had been sold! very exciting news, and with it a fleeting sense of loss as i realized that, not having met the buyer, i most likely will never see these two again as they move on to their new lives and homes. it is good to know that my work will exhibit grace in a new place. goodbye, Poe! ….goodbye, Ancestor! …i love you!

Poe, Chlorite and Granite base

Poe, Chlorite and Granite base


i am in fact thrilled that all this occurred and it is my great pleasure to be able to have been well compensated and to have the funds from the sale of these two beauties feed back into more art and expression! thank you, Jadenow Gallery, art patrons, friends and thank you Universe! maybe it is time to return to the workshop…

stay tuned for more….


the artist on sex, the shadow and spirit

yes, I am choosing to write about a risky topic, in that it entails broaching the conversation of our most private and often unexplored topic, sex!  it gets our attention and regardless of our opinions, preferences and experiences will command a moment or more of attention when we see it in a topic.  it is natural, biological, and humans are captive to the impulse regardless of their personal conception and whether it involved sexuality or was a scientific experiment.  the biological sequence of becoming a life form involved an exchange of energy to initiate development.

iphonebella11 031

“untitled” collage 10″ x 10″ istara freedom

development from the infinite unknown, or spirit world into a life form took some sort of attraction and environmental arranging to occur.  thus the occurrence of matter!  any matter formed also creates a shadow.  shadows can be fun.  we can play with shadows, and become the master of our shadow.  we can turn in a certain way to the light and with our eye see the smallest shadow possible.  if we desire we may grow that shadow to immense proportions with the right angles of light, and make a large impression with our shadow.  some may call this a negative impression, and indeed it can be.  however there is another side besides the negative shadow, and it is the protective, powerful guardian side, that we can also depend on if we know how to work the light.  and now of course you know that I am speaking metaphorically as well as physically.

okay back to the sex, time to keep the attention going here, for real! –a quick review, how are all those things related–artists, sex, shadow, spirit?  oh yes, by nature of having a physical form, attention is drawn toward the impulse of exchange, and energetic exchange that creates more energy is a matter to consider, along with its shadow.  a psychological shadow also develops as a psyche forms when the matter begins to relate/exchange with other forms.  it all may seem very abstract but there is a basic exchange, a relationship.  in that sense spirit is drawn to that which is energetically embedded in our primal impulse, from that moment when energy surged into the cells that began to grow into us.  that universal occurrence of biological exchange makes us especially drawn to the idea of sex.  regardless of the opinion we have regarding sexuality, we will respond to the word or idea with some attention.  artists are the ones that visibly, consciously externalize the shadow–both physically and psychologically to the world, becoming a reflection for other lifeforms to relate to.  many artists have an ongoing representation of the shadow in their work.  it is an opportunity to have a reflection, and to share the reflection, as there are those that are conditioned to believe that the shadow is bad, or to be feared somehow, and want to minimize it to be more comfortable.


“untitled” collage 10″ x 10″ istara freedom

we can benefit by being aware of the shadow–as a performance of personal power, or to provide a distraction, or open a conversation with the psyche as to ones fears and challenges.  I have found the dialogue can be very helpful, to assess where i am in relation to my shadow.  by looking at it, envisioning it, and playing with the shadow, we can communicate with the parts of our psyche that are pre-lingual, and deep in shadow.  it may well be an uncomfortable conversation at first, as our very powerful imaginations combined with deep elemental forces will detail any type of fear or fantasy we may have.  artists and creative types, scientists, are agents of this primal creative energy, and often explore aspects of shadow sexuality in their work.  the commercial viability of sexuality is part of our collective human shadow and is a consideration for many artists and the phenomenon we know as ‘selling out’.  because sexuality is viable, it will often dominate certain types of commercially successful art forms, especially in film and music.  as artists with integrity we can minimize the grotesque exploitation of sexuality for profit by looking at the shadow sides of ourselves and use the sexual energy to create work that honors the sexual impulse of all life as a more elemental occurrence.


“O” collage, mixed media 2′ x 3′ istara freedom

as I am transitioning from the more quiet side of the visual arts to songwriting and singing, I am beginning to consider performance again and selling an image.  I get to play with the ideas of sexuality and how much of a sexy image I want to portray.  i consider the challenge it has been for me from time to time to present or ‘sell’ my  visual art, as it is open to interpretation and has the energy of self reflection.  it gives the viewer a mirror to go deep inside and that can be uncomfortable for those that want a pretty and conventional surface to relate to–or people will get distracted by my physical presence, and want to shift the focus to me. so now i get to play with selling my own image in the presentation of the songs if i choose.

perhaps you were expecting a more juicy expose on sex, shadow, spirit and the artist. i will admit, i have been curious to see just how much of a difference in the traffic to my site will be affected by including sex in the topic, and this is part of my research. maybe another day i will write a more ‘juicy’ piece to make up for it if my readers seem interested. let me know. thanks for the visit!